Blackjack: The Magical Morgan Horse

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For every child who has dreamed of having a horse of their own...dreams do come true!

Holly loves horses and dreams about owning one. Every day she draws pictures of horses, and every night she dreams of Blackjack, a very special Morgan Horse. One night, when a falling star passes over her house, some of its magical stardust falls from the sky and right onto a drawing of Blackjack. Suddenly the picture starts to move...will Holly's dream really come true?

Written by IRA award-winning author Ellen Feld and beautifully illustrated by equine artist Jeanne Newton Schoborg, this book will make every child who ever dreamed of owning a horse believe their dreams can come true.

About new illustrator: Jeanne Newton Schoborg is an award-winning equine artist. Her horse portraits hang in several countries throughout the world including Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada. Her unique style and ability to render all breeds of horse in their natural environment or the show ring is highly recognizable and has made her one of the nation's most sought after equine artists. Jeanne is constantly busy in her studio working on commissions as well as her unique, "free-style" and 3-D equine portraits. Her works also include landscapes, seascapes, and surrealism. She and her family live outside Eldora, Iowa along with their horses, cats, and two dogs